Coach 10620 Large Signature

My eyes have always been on the Coach bags and one of the models that made my mom's day is the Coach 10620. Coach has always been mine and my mom's favorite brand of bags because of its high quality leather, elegant designs, and its wide variety of models and items. The company not only offers handbags, shoulder bags, and totes at such a great number but it also offers shoes and other accessories at normally an affordable price. I bought my mom the Coach 10620 because it's not only under the classic Coach models but it suits her perfectly because of the size, the design, and the functionality of the bag.

You'll know it's the Coach 10620 if the bag is a 17 (L) x 13 (H) x 6 (W) made with the signature jacquard fabric that the brand is famous for. It also has a leather trim, an inside pocket and a multi-functional pocket where you can place your cell phone and other necessities inside, a ring to clip key fobs or other accessories, and a 14" long strap with a 7" strap drop, making it a great bag to bring along on a day shopping with your friends. This bag also has other features such as a zip-top closure and a turn lock feature that makes it really easy to open and close the bag, even when you're in a hurry. The bag comes in three popular Coach colors: black, khaki, and brown.

Now, if I were to choose this bag for myself, I would've gone for the all-black than the khaki and brown colors since the former fits my taste and personal preferences a lot better than the latter. My mom, in her opinion, would rather go for the khaki brown because it looked more elegant and more of her style, plus black was a sad color for her no matter how good it looked on the Coach 10620. I have to admit that the khaki color was a bit out of my league and it didn't appeal to me just as much, but since my mom was the one receiving the gift, it was best to give her the color she liked best.

For those who are interested in Coach bags, you'll be surprised that you can get these bags at a cheaper price than buying them directly from a Coach store. There are two places you can go to buy Coach items: the Coach store itself or an online store selling Coach items as well as items from other popular brands. Normally, you will have to pay retail if you're to buy from the actual Coach store, but if you decide to buy online, you'll definitely have a wide variety of options such as the Coach 10620 and all kinds of discounted prices.