Coach 12674 Large Signature Zoe

If you've seen the Coach 12674, you'll definitely see how far the company has progressed throughout the years. Coach is famous worldwide for its high quality items and excellent customer service that it's not surprising that the company is already releasing new styles and designs for bags, shoes, accessories, and the like. I commend them for their new line of shoulder bags, hobos, and totes, which feature the new Op Art design, the Poppy design for those who like lighter and more hip designs, and of course for preserving the beauty of the classic Coach signature designs. The Coach 12674 as well as other Coach signature models are just some of the classic items that never goes out of style, and for this product review, we'll be looking deeper into this particular bag.

Known more popularly as the large Coach signature Zoe tote handbag, the Coach 12674 is measured approximately 14 (L) x 13 (H) x 4.5 (W) in inches and has all of the main Coach bag features that you can expect from an item such as this. It is made out of the Coach signature jacquard fabric, has fabric lining and well-done leather trims, and a 17 1/3" strap with a strap drop of about 14 inches. The bag has the usual secondary features such as an interior zip pocket, cell phone and multifunctional pockets where you can place all of your smaller necessities such as keys and lipstick, and of course a ring to clip on any accessory or key fob to make the bag look a lot more attractive. You can use this ring to clip your personal name tag to ensure that people do not steal it from you.

This Coach 12674 bag is definitely a great gift to give to your mom on mother's day or a birthday of your aunt, cousin, or friend who love carrying signature Coach bags around with them. There are two places where you can avail of this particular bag: the actual Coach retail store or online stores that sell signature bags at a cheaper price. The second option is usually what most women go for since it offers discounted prices for the bag, but there are some things to inspect before actually purchasing the bag online:

* Coach creed and serial patch should be found inside the bag.
* Coach dust bag
* Coach hang tag and brass hardware
* The bag should be wrapped in real Coach tissue
* The price tag, which is normally USD 200 to 300 if the bag is authentic
* The authenticity and serial cards, and of course
* The Coach hand care manual or booklet.

Without any of these would mean a Class 'A' replica of the Coach 12674.