Coach 12943 Op Art Sabrina Large

Coach 12943 is one kind of a satchel bag. Satchel bags were originally designed for carrying school items. These days though, this kind of bag takes on a new spin with its revolutionary design that has been a favorite among Hollywood celebrities. Its multifunctional and practical features, combined with a classy and feminine look, make it a must-buy-bag-design for people around the world including these A-list TV personalities we know.

The good thing is that anyone can try on her own A-lister look for less with Coach 12943. This item is a stylish bag ideal for daytime and evening use. Its chic design and elaborate finish can make any outfit complete - with that extra sexy, posh, and updated flair. Turn heads as you walk down the streets while carrying this Coach bag in many different ways with its 21 convertible straps.

Coach 12943 has a convenient hybrid silhouette that gives you an option to use it either as a satchel or a shoulder bag. Although it's perfect to carry around as a satchel, this bag will remain fashionable even when used as a shoulder bag. Its medium-sized interior provides enough space for small notebooks, small books, electronic gadgets, and other devices and accessories that can fit into its 15 1/2 (W) x 9 (H) x 6 (W) inches measurement.

This bag's interior is made of a fabric lining that gently holds any material you wish to place inside. The sleek and feminine pink fabric lining has multifunction pockets that can support cell phones and other smaller items so you can easily find it when you need it. Plus, the soft fabric can be easily cleaned up once your makeup accidentally messes your bag's interior.

Durability is one of the good points of this sturdy Coach 12943 bag. Its exterior is made of a satin printed fabric that's thick enough for everyday use. The lightweight leather trim adds more strength to the fabric without putting more weight so you can move around effortlessly. It also has a brass hardware that gives it an overall polished finish. The bag also has a flat bottom with two leather straps underneath so you can leave it standing on its own.

Aside from sturdiness, this gorgeous bag offers security with its zip-top closure that maximizes safety for all the valuables you keep inside your bag. Store your wallet, credit cards, mobile phone, and other important items safely with its guaranteed no-slip design. Its double handle also adds up for protection while giving balance and strong grip as you hold your bag any way you want.

This ultra modern and girlish bag is a pleasant gift for any girl you know. It comes with a dust bag, three Coach hangtags, and a registration card for your convenience. Coach 12943 is available in black and khaki colors.