Coach 13190 Heritage Satchel

Coach 13190 is a plush and charming satchel bag made of coated jacquard fabric. Its interior fabric lining is thick enough to shield and hold your valuable items inside as you strut your stuff anywhere. Encase your mobile phone, mp3, and other electronic gadgets in this spacious bag with multifunction pockets that boasts durability and strength. Secure the overall safety of your important items with its zip-top closure that's fastened just above the body of the bag, providing you comfort and ease as you reach out for any item inside. Flaunt its beautiful leather trim located just around each side of the bag, giving it a clean and polished finish.

Coach 13190 also has a pretty white-and-pink striped leather handle that matches the bag's pink color. Two exterior pockets on the side provide not only extra room for your essentials but also a balanced look for this adorable bag. The bag's bottom is held with four brass feet so you can leave it standing whenever you want to.

The main color of the bag's fabric is pink, making the bag a perfect pair for any feminine blouse or dress. Stroll around the park with a cute floral dress or walk around the coolest mall while donning a cute ruffled blouse while carrying this luxurious Coach 13190 bag. The soft color of the bag matches any light-colored clothing you wish to wear.

Coach 13190 also makes the cutest summer bag for its water resistant cover. Its gorgeous coated fabric is specially designed to repel water and any stain so its perfect to bring along with you on your next summer getaway! In case of contact with any dirt, just take a damp towel or tissue and wipe out the unwanted particles on the bag's surface. Replace the damp towel with a dry one to remove water droplets.

Take pleasure while walking under the sun by holding this fashionable bag in many ways. You can simply carry it in your arms or grip its sturdy handle like a doctor's bag. To store this bag, simply hang it on a hook so it stays in shape. To keep it away from insects or other pests that could damage its interiors, wrap it in a canvass or plastic bag and put it in a clean storage area.

The bag's measurement is 12" x 7.5" x 5.5" (30.5 x 19.1 x 14 cm), which makes it an ideal bag for those who always want to bring extra things. It's also made for those women who are always on the go. Its double strap handle has a 7.5-inch drop to provide ease while you get out your personal items inside. Coach 13190 includes a dust cover, interior D ring for your keys and accessories, and two leather Coach hangtags.