Coach 16180 Carly Signature Patchwork Tote

If you try to search for the meaning of circle, you will land upon its many keywords like wholeness, perfection and infinity. Without a doubt many people believe in the influence that the symbol circle will bring. Just like what Coach did with their great bag model number 16180. A bag that speaks of infinite perfection and without doubt boasts grandeur spoken in circular language.

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Coach 16180 or better known as Signature Patchwork Tote under the Carly line measures just around 17 inches (L) x 10 inches (H) x 5 inches (W). The exterior is beautifully made featuring Coach classic 12 centimeters signature and pieced circular patchwork about 5 inches in diameter. Patent leather trim is stitched on fabric with 12 centimeters "C"s on a contrasting lighter background.

The handles and top of the bag is lined with patent leather trim making this bag very durable and stylish. It has a polished metal hardware loops and studs with a matching Coach leather hangtag. It has leather shoulder straps that have 7 1/2 drop and reinforced leather handles for added comfort.

Its interior is fully lined with a contrasting color made from premium sateen nylon fabric. It has an open top style with 2 middle snap closures and a full length middle zip pocket as a divider creating 2 large compartments. 1 interior zip pocket with leather pull and 2 multi-function pockets are available where you can keep your valuables like cell phones, wallets or PDAs and so forth.

This tote is available in two colors - pink and gold. But of course, whichever color you choose to buy, this bag will definitely match any outfit that you will wear - an attribute that Coach bags are famous for. With these bag, you can surely strut in the streets feeling like a runway fashion model with an exploding grandeur.